Who is the instructor for Courses?

Ferrah, MSW, MSc. is a mental health professional. She is a Psychotherapist with extensive research and practical experience over the past 10 years.

She is a graduate of The University of Oxford and The University of Toronto. Her mental health clinical focus centres around women and families. Ferrah also has a depth of experience in a variety of research and policy settings, including the United Nations.

Do all course applicants get into the course?

We accept most applications, however if after assessment it is determined that your goals are better met through counseling, you may be referred. This will be optional and you can decide how to proceed.

How much is the Mindful Parenting Course?

The evidence-based Mindful Parenting course with structured goal setting and guidance counseling sessions is typically $999 USD.

However, moonstruckmom has a special Fall Promotion ending October 31, 2019, giving folks on the waiting list that have registered a 30% discount, which is $699 USD. Payment plans set up on request in 3 easy instalments. Spaces are limited.

Do you have a money back guarantee for courses?

Yes. You can submit a refund request and get a 30 day money back guarantee.

What does the 1 on 1 counselling include?

One-on-one counselling is lead by Ferrah, a Psychotherapist and expert in her field.

We use a very structured approach called Solution-Based Short Term Therapy with cognitive behavioural (CBT) components that has a strong evidence base. There is also ample evidence, it works better than most counselling and coaching interventions.

With your structured package will receive 5 sessions that each last for 45 minutes.

What type of counseling do you do? And does it work?

The intervention methods I use is Solution-Based Short Term Therapy mixed with cognitive behavioural (CBT) components to structure very clear sessions based on your needs and goals.

These two intervention methods have a strong evidence-base showing its efficacy. The wider therapeutic community, as well as moonstruckmom have had wide success.

How much for 1 on 1 counseling?

For the 5-session Solution-Based Short Term Therapy package, it is $1,500 USD a person. Payment plans available.

Do you accept all applications for counseling?

No. We reserve the right to use discretion on who we work with. In some cases, the type of counseling provided is not suitable for certain circumstances.

Do you accept collaboration submissions for your blog?

Yes, of course! Please contact me, introduce yourself and let me know what you’re looking to do together.

Do you work with other people and organizations to collab?

Yes, we’re open to collaboration. Please contact me, introduce yourself and let me know what you’re looking to do together. We only work with folks that are on brand and on the same page as our mission statement.