Being a parent can be overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to feel like that most or much of the time. It doesn’t have to feel like that at all! Until now with an 8 week evidence-based Mindful Parenting Course. Other counselors, coaches, courses and websites hand you outdated intervention solutions and do not pair teaching with intentional 1 on 1 structured guidance. Existing courses also use non-evidence based techniques that research does not support.

Not me. A Psychotherapist and expert in Early Intervention and Mindful Training, I have successfully worked with many parents and families. I walk you through structured goals and provide guidance on parenting so it actually works for YOU.

Waste more money on self-taught courses, books or even in class courses that don’t provide the level of up-to-date knowledge and guidance? Not you. You’re smarter than that. Kids do that to us. They help us, parents, maximize our time and the results. And I’m here for you to achieve the parenting results you want.

Lots of parents contact me because they are:

Frustrated with toddlers or teenagers.
Struggling with anger and yelling.
Having difficulty managing their stress.
Confused about how to set appropriate boundaries, limits and structure.
Stumped with what to with their child in ‘this’ phase.
Don’t want to repeat family patterns.
Running into barriers with kids going through puberty.
Finding it challenging dealing with conflict in the household.

8 week evidence-based Mindful Parenting Course


✔️ Solid Practical Exercises to use Mindful Parenting in your everyday life
✔️ 2 life changing 1 on 1 structured counseling sessions with Early Intervention & Mindfulness Expert
✔️ Establish healthy boundaries
✔️ Improve problem solving with your child
✔️ Increase emotional intelligence in yourself and child
✔️ Effectively deal with parenting stress
✔️ Evidence-based parenting tips
✔️ Achieve stronger and healthier relationships with your child and family

“I’ve worked with Ferrah many times in the past and she has really made a difference in my life and in turn my family has benefited so much. I can’t thank her enough. I don’t know how things would be today if I didn’t reach out.”

Karen McKay (mom of 2)


✔️ You are looking for structured goals
✔️ You want to do “the work”
✔️ You are looking evidence-based parenting practices
✔️ You need to lower your parenting stress
✔️ You want to make life changes with real impact

This course is a commitment to you, your children and your family as a whole.

Get the value of structured counseling and course for just $699 (USD) per person if you enrol by October 31, 2019.

Register and get on the waiting list below. Spaces Limited.


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Expert Credentials

MSW (Masters of Social Work specialization in Health & Mental Health), Psychotherapist, University of Toronto

MSc (Masters of Science, Evidence-Based Social Interventions), University of Oxford