Apply for one-on-one evidence-based counseling with Ferrah, a Psychotherapist and Early Intervention expert. More information can be found here.


✔️ You are looking to make a life style change.
✔️ You are experiencing anxiety over anything parenting, relationship, career, mom life and/or family related.
✔️ Worry or anxiety is getting in the way of your everyday tasks and functioning.
✔️ You are feeling frustrated with something in your life and are looking for validation, support and/or feedback.
✔️ You have been searching for guidance on a particular topic of importance or challenge you’re facing.
✔️ Others are being affected by the challenge you are facing.

If you’ve said ‘yes’ to one or more of these, structured counseling may be right for you.

“After becoming a mom I wasn’t quite myself. Physically, mentally and emotionally I was a bit off. I contacted Ferrah and she helped me work through how to achieve –as she says, “getting back to ‘me’ again” goals. Part of my journey with Ferrah was to concretely identify and restore my sense of self beyond motherhood from my body to my mental state. Thank you.”

Dianne White

“In the last few years I struggled with increasing worry and on and off anxiety around balancing work and dealing with my children. I’m a mom of three and I was looking for a way to be a good mom and doing it all. I found Ferrah thankfully. She put things into perspective, gave me real workable ways to make life changes in my life and restored balance to my household. I’m happier with much less worry and my kids are happier.”

Eileen B.


  • 5 Structured Sessions
  • Pre and post goals and assessment
  • Evidence-based Solution Focused Short Term Counseling with Cognitive Behavioural components
  • High efficacy interventions with strong evidence-base
  • Improve Wellness, Parenting or Relationship depending on your needs and personal goals